Managing Risks

Measuring risk

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      • Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) A mission-driven membership and research organization, providing consultancy services to companies to review supply chain risks and opportunities, and develop and implement sustainability strategies
      • Maplecroft A global risk and strategic consulting firm that analyzes key political, economic, social and environmental risks impacting global business and investors
      • P.E. International A consulting firm that offers audits of a companies’ supply chain sustainability risks, and follow-on support for developing engagement strategies and implementing supply chain sustainability projects
      • Proforest An independent organization that provides consultancy, convenership and other integrated solutions to manage the world’s resources sustainably, working closely with producers, industry, governments, NGOs and communities
      • SustainAbility A think tank and strategic advisory firm, working to catalyze business leadership on sustainability. Publish trend reports on sustainability, and advise companies on stakeholder engagement and developing their strategies
      • The Forest Trust A social enterprise and membership organization that provides consultancy to companies on delivering responsible products. They also operate the TFTSure platform for monitoring supply chains and traceability. Particularly focussed on wood, paper, palm oil, cotton, shoe leather, technology minerals and stone
      • AgroTools A software and consulting firm that operates a powerful GIS processing platorm to analyse and manage information from satellite data and field data across large catchment areas and territories. Includes risk analysis of environmental, social, economic, agrarian and strategic risks
      • EcoVadis Information Technology and consultancy firm that provides an online platform for buyers to monitor CSR performance of suppliers
      • GeoTraceability A software firm that offers specialised tracking and data collection technology for natural resources including cocoa, coffee, cotton, nuts and minerals globally. Uses data gathering from farmers and technology such as GPS mapping, Geographic Information System (GIS) technology and mobile phone and bar coding systems to track products
      • Helveta A software firm that operates the Elements platform, for companies to track batches from origin through delivery using a digital passport. Particularly focussed on the food, energy, wood and minerals sector
      • Historic Futures A consulting firm that helps companies collect and manage value chain data, from primary production to finished product and to communicate good practice to their customers
      • SoFi Software A software firm (and subsidiary of PE International) that operates a secure enterprise platform for the sustainability assessment, ranking and reporting of suppliers

Management of environmental and social risks in the supply chain is a major growing concern for agribusiness companies and their customers, financiers and stakeholders. Because these risks pose threats to product quality and brand value, firms seek to address E&S risks as part of doing responsible business.